How to manually add a lead

Please note, manually adding leads DOES count towards your monthly lead count. 

If you would like to do this as a one time a la carte upload please contact our team at 949-662-2891 for more info.

1. Log in to your Real Contact web portal, and Click 'Leads' on the left bar. 

2. Once routed to the 'Leads' section, Click 'ADD' on the top right corner

3. This is the screen where you will manually enter your leads. Leads are uploaded one by one. First by selecting the "Lead Source" option. Remember your Lead source is tied to a specific script, so whichever script you would like to use choose that applicable lead source. If you would like a "General" reach out please use that option. 

4. Now choose applicable "Lead Type"  - IE - Buyer, Seller or lease. 

5. Once Lead Source, and Lead Type are selected, then select status. **Please Note: If you want a text to go out immediately choose "New", if you want it to start at your follow up campaign message choose "Follow up Campaign" and this will have a 3 day delay to message being sent.  

We Recommend choosing the "New" status. 

6. Fill out the details of the Client - Name, and phone number are the only required fields. All others are optional, but the more data you can provide the better for our concierge team. (please see step 7 regarding address info)

7. There are 2 sections for address. The address section beneath the name, and email info is for the clients current address. The "Property Details" box is for the address they inquired on. 

For example: Bob Smith lives as 123 Main street currently, that would go in the top section. If Bob is looking for info on 555 Apple St, this would go in the 'Property Details' section. 

Again, all of this info is optional but beneficial for the concierge teams conversation.

8. Once all info is input, click 'SAVE'. If any required fields are missing a red box will appear around that applicable box. 

**Please note if the new status is chosen a text will go out immediately to this client.