How to customzie Follow up Campaigns

Follow up campaigns are triggered once the lead has not replied in the first days attempt to contact. These campaigns can be 100% customized per lead source, and lead type.

You can customize how long we follow up, the frequency, time of day, and what is said on each follow up text. The default follow up is as follows: Day2 (Twice), then days: 3, 6, 10, 14, 30, 60, 90. 

These are the steps to customize your Follow up Campaigns:

1. Login to the desktop site of Real Contact, and click 'Follow up Campaigns' from the left side bar

2. Select the applicable "Script Type" (IE: Buyer, Seller, Lease, Unknown), Then select the "Lead Source" that you want to edit.

3. Once applicable lead type, and lead source is selected click 'Edit'

4. Once you are in "Edit Mode" you can edit the following:

  1. Toggle turning off/on applicable Follow up Campaign 
  2. Edit days that the default text campaigns are sent *Note: "Days" are days since lead came in. For example: Days 1 is 1 day since lead was unresponsive.
  3. Edit time of day each follow up text is sent. **Remember to select AM/PM
  4. Edit the verbiage in each follow up text
  5. ADD additional follow up campaign texts (more info shown in step 5 below)

5. As mentioned above, you can also add unlimited additional follow up texts to your campaign by scrolling to the bottom and clicking "+ Add New Message"

Once you click "Add New Message" a new box will appear at the bottom of your follow up list. You can add any day that the text would go out, remember this is days since the lead became unresponsive. You will choose time of day, be aware of AM/PM selection then you can write text that will go out. 

You can add as many new messages as you would like following the steps above. 

6. Once you have finished editing applicable follow up campaigns scroll back to the bottom of the page and click 'SAVE'