How to create zapier rule for Facebook leads

Please follow the following instructions: 

  1. Create an account with Zapier here.

    2. Select "Facebook Lead Ads" and "Email by Zapier" as the two Apps you would like to connect.

3. Select the "Get emails with new Facebook Lead Ads leads" Zap below.

4. Follow along with the steps to connect your Facebook account!

5. Choose continue and do a test to retrieve the last lead.

6. Continue to "Email by Zapier Action"!

7. Create your email on the "Set up Email by Zapier Outbound Email" page.

A. Select what email you want your Zapier Email to go to.
  (Enter a personal email to begin)
B. Keep the "Subject" field as "New Facebook ad Lead"
C. For the Body please make it as follows:
   (Use the + symbol in the top right hand corner of the Body box to add fields)

* For the fastest connection, make sure the body of your email is structured as      it is above!

8. Please forward your Client Success Advisor a sample Facebook Lead Email. Please forward it individually with no additional text. 

(A sample email will automatically be sent when you finish creating the zap!)

9. Once your Client Success Manager confirms that this email is structured correctly you can add your Custom Real Contact Email to the "To:" field within the Zap so it will automatically go to Real Contact!

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  • 05-Oct-2018